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Specializing in pipe and flange alignment


Weld-On Dog for pipe alignment and reforming
Weld-On Style Dog

The biggest, baddest, and toughest weld-on alignment dog available. 

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Foster Clamp for Pipe Alignment

The best alternative to weld-on dogs for aligning and reforming pipe. 

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Admiral Fabrication Ltd believes in providing a product that will first and foremost keep workers safe. If you’re ready to radically cut operations costs and increase efficiency, you’ve come to the right place.  


Our patented Foster Clamp is used to precisely align any circular material to another circular material: specifically pipe and flanges. Our patented products uniquely allows for rotational and linear movement while maintaining perfect alignment. 


Admiral Fabrication Ltd has fine-tuned this technology to be used in some of the most dangerous situations and harshest of climates facing workers today. We ensure our equipment and designs meet all engineering requirements of our customers and are built to the appropriate specs.  


Admiral Fabrication Ltd exclusively uses the highest quality materials from Canada or the USA throughout the manufacturing of our products and everything is fabricated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 



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