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Foster Clamp for Pipe Alignment


  • Easily aligns and reforms SCH 80 carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, and other exotic metal pipes.

  • Eliminates having to weld any “dogs” to the pipe, thus no more problems with HAZ (heat affected zones) or damage to the pipe surface.

  • No more having to grind or hammer off dogs and then trying to blend the pipe. 



  • 2 Piece circular ring that quickly attaches around one end of the pipe.

  • Push on either pipe end with just a single ring.

  • Multiple L-shaped clamping member blocks per ring.

  • 2 adjustable 3/4” or 1” diameter jacking screws per clamping member.

  • Available in either spherical bearing or swivel foot end.

  • Allows for a complete weld without having to remove the aligning blocks or ring.

  • Mounting locations for clamping members every 3 inches per ring.

  • Unlimited ring diameter sizes available. 

  • No pieces to come apart while working at height.

  • Single wrench size for all bolts 

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