Weld-On Style Dogs

A welder’s best friend is…………. his/her dog!

Admiral Fabrication is pleased to announce the release of the biggest, baddest, and toughest weld-on alignment dog available. For use when aligning or reforming pipe or plate. These weld-on dogs are perfect for out-of-round conditions found in pipe and allow you to find the perfect hi-lo. The weld-on dogs are guaranteed not bend or deform when used as directed. Whether you’re a pipeliner, pipe fitter, boiler maker, rig welder, pressure welder, or structural fitter you will save time and the quality of your fit ups will increase.


Key features:

  • Professionally 100% Canadian Made, with North American made products.

  • Typically cut from ASTM A572 GR 50 plate (CSA G40.21-13 GR 50W (350W). Other materials available by special order.

  • 2 contact ends available:

    • Greaseable stainless steel swivel foot. By adding high temperature grease, this virtually eliminates any marking or damage to the outside surface of the pipe.

    • Greaseable spherical bearing end. Allows for a rolling contact which is especially useful when leveling T’s or elbows all while keeping the bevels aligned to one another.

  • Flippable body. Once you’ve welded or ground the hell out of one side, simply remove the jacking screw and flip it to the opposite side and it’s good as new again.

  • Mini jacking screw (W100 only). Designed to serve two functions. 

    • Tips the dog forward to help remove the dog after it has been welded to the pipe. 

    • Excellent for maintaining contact when welded to the outside curve of 90 degree elbows.

  • Strength. Unmatched in body thickness and design. These will not bend like most the other do.

  • Threads. Strong and easy to clean out dirt or file spatter. Our thread design is inherently self-locking, will not back off and allows for excellent expansion and contraction so the threads do not seize up.

  • Weight. Each dog weighs just 5.5 lbs each.

  • If you have a specialty material such as stainless steel, we can adapt our dogs to avoid any cross contamination.

As with any product Admiral Fabrication manufactures, you will find a well-designed, quality domestically built weld-on dog that will add enormous value to your operations.